I’ve set my hands to the task of witnessing. Pictured above is Stories for (ab)Normal Times: 1.2017, a collage journal drawing account of this past January, beginning a new (4 year?) series-in-progress. (Graphite, colored pencil, found image on museum board, 5.625” x 5.625”.) In my head and heart, I’m slowly constructing a bridge of context from the work in which I was immersed pre-2017 (of recalling, recording and drawing one’s dreams) to the place where we find ourselves right now…

and to invoke the wisdom of dreaming, an offering from 59 Dreams: A Nocturnal Year:

Dream #11 (2.28.2015): Red Earth Flower Birds
I step into the red earth
of a newly landscaped section of our yard—
and sink almost to my knees.
The dirt is soft and dry and powdery.
I’ve noticed a volunteer plant coming up
and want to take a closer look.
I push aside the lower branches of a bush and discover
a sunflower-like blossom:
low to the ground, magenta at its center.
Tiny birds are hopping in and around it
gathering seeds.
Now that I’ve seen one,
more and more blossoms
come out of hiding (from beneath the bushes.)

Copies of 59 Dreams: A Nocturnal Year, an affordable, limited edition artists’ book are available for purchase here.

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